Add to your donation!. Contribute to advancement in photo technology!

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Why your donation is important!

  • We are a startup company with lots of energy and motivations, but inconsiderable momentum. Our small company can not afford spending thousands of dollars on marketing and outreach. Our only tool is our hard-work. We need your donation to advance the technology.
  • Our mission is to make advances in photo technology accessible to anyone. Our future projects are to make photo 3D printing accessible. Your contribution will help us in this matter.
  • We have invested thousands of dollar so far. The return has been minimal. Your contribution will help us to survive, and make an advancement in science and technology possible.
  • You will contribute to draw a better picture of our tomorrow. You will help us to change the future.
  • We will provide you with the donation receipts if you wanted to claim them for tax deduction. Contribute today, and participate in a positive change.


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