Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy:

If you are not 100% satisfied with a product, we refund your money within 30 days of purchase. However, shipping fees are non-refundable. All items are subject to 2.5% nonrefundable Paypal fee. The following exceptions applies to some products:

Privacy policy:

What is happening to my information when I Login in with Facebook:

– We use the basic permission for access to your profile picture. Your profile picture is usually publicly available. Your profile picture is stored in the memory of your computer. No copy of your picture is transferred to techiephoto.com server. Once you refresh your web page, the photo is removed. No other information such as your name, email, or list of friends are transferred to our website neither they are stored at our website.

What is happening to my photos, where they go:

– Uploaded photos for exploring in 3D face reconstruction are sent to Aaron S. Jackson website at University of Nottingham Portal. No copy of your photo is uploaded to techiephoto.com. According to Aaron, “Images and 3D reconstructions will be deleted within 2 days. They will not be used for anything other than this demo.”

– Uploaded photos for exploring Laser Engraving are stored in the memory of your computer. No copy of your photo is transferred to techiephoto.com server. Once you refresh your web page, the photo is removed.

– Uploaded photos for product orders, 3D printing, laser engraving is kept for one week for creation of products. We delete them after one week. You have to resubmit them for the propose of reordering.

What is happening with my name and shipping address

– Your name and shipping address are recorded in a secure connection at Paypal website. All transactions are handled by Paypal. You will not enter any sensitive information at techiephoto.com. For completion of transactions, you will be forwarded to PayPal website where you need to complete your shipping address, and credit card information.

What is happening to my credit card information:

All your credit information are handled by Paypal. Upon completion of transaction, your will enter your information in the Paypal website. The only information provided back from Paypal would be whether your payment has been successful or not. For more information, please read the Paypal Terms and Agreement.

Licenses and Copyrights

– All website codes on the techiephoto.com are a copyright of Techie Photo Company. Techie Photo is a registered business in Ontario, Canada. Any use of codes is only allowed with permission. Techie photo uses third party handlers for 3D reconstruction of faces. Any use of those codes should be followed up with original owners. The idea of laser engraving photos in conjunction  with online tool for photo adjustment belongs to Techie Photo Company.

Safety Instructions:

– 3D printed faces may create choking hazard for kids and children. Like many other products, you have to make sure to keep it out of reach of children.

– Materials are used are 3D printed materials are either PLA or ABS.

– Laser engraving is on Plywood, coated by a thin layer of clear coating.

– We are not responsible for any problems caused by mishandling products, tempering with 3D objects, sanding edges of objects, and or using sharp items to adjust the products.